New Work Gallery

"Hearing the Music - Plainchant"
48x38", 122x96cm

"Abstracted Identity"
48x36", 122x91cm

"Beyond the Beginning"
18x14", 45x35cm

"We Sleep With Open Eyes"
14x18", 35x45cm

"Far Off Sounds"
14x18", 35x45cm

"Light Against Shadow"
20x16", 50x40cm

"Birthright - We Do Not Dream Alone"
oil on canvas, paper
42x54", 106x136cm

"Time, Re-Imagined"
oil on canvas, paper
48x40", 116x101cm

"Shelter In Place"
oil on canvas, paper
48x42", 122x106cm

36x24", 86x61cm

"Scattered Time"
30x24", 76x61cm

"Stillness of Life"
34x26", 86x66cm

"Accept Our Song"
28x36”, 71x91cm

"Dancing All Night #2"
mixed-media collage
24" x 14", 61cm x 35cm